Chris-childhoodEver since I was a child I loved to organize. I would organize my room so that everything was in the right and most efficient place. I would organize blocks and Construx into buildings, forts and expansive designs. Everywhere I would go I would see how to order my environment and experience of the world. To me organization brings order which allows peace, clarity, purpose, directness to be brought forth with the greatest of ease. 

Over the past 25 years of being an entrepreneur I got really good at bringing that skill to business. The more distinctions I got in business ie mission, culture, systems, execution, metrics, department structure, profitability etc….the more effective I became at bring my skill of organization to building, growing and scaling businesses.

Organization is one of the fundamental skills necessary for scaling and creating a successful long term business.

Many business owners, entrepreneurs and CEO’s I meet either don’t like or aren’t good at organization. They are great at creating, leading teams, or driving revenue. These are necessary and wonderful skills for a CEO to have to create a successful business. And wonderfully enough the type of activity I need to give me something to organize. Creators and revenue generators need master organizers like myself and master organizers need creators and revenue generators so we have something to bring order to.

Can I help you organize and then scale any of your businesses?

I have an idea for you….I am willing to give you a complimentary scaling strategy session. You will get tremendous value from this as I know I will bring a unique perspective, one you may have never seen or experienced, to how you view one or all of your businesses.

Hit me back with any questions or just schedule 15min for us to do a discovery call – on this call I will set the context for this complimentary scaling strategy session.