So often in life with nonprofits and government I hear words like….The war against drugs, the war against terrorism, and the fight against human trafficking. When I see things like this I know there will never be an end to it because what I see is that fighting and war only create more of the same. As long as one is looking for or standing in the space of a fight or war, something will always show up to fight or war against. Not only does a war continue with whatever we are fighting against but an internal war or fight is also occurring.

Let’s end the internal battle first. When we shift this perspective internally to being a stand for something instead of a war or a fight against something, we bring the fight or battle to an end. Once the shift occurs internally then it can be brought forward into the organization. Then how this cause is implemented and managed inside of an organization will also shift. This allows the organization to bring forward change into the world from a much more grounded and centered place.

Here is a summary of the order of shifts

Internal shift on a personal level > Internal shift on an organizational level > External shift in how implemented or delivered to the world.

For example, what if instead of creating a context for drugs to be, the war against drugs, we become a stand for health and the end to drug addiction. What if we became a stand for the end of something we wish to no longer see in the world?

You can apply this conversation to things on a personal level as well. What things are you battling with in your life hoping that this will cause change? Are you fighting against a disease, cancer, a relationship, losing weight, a successful business or your competition, your boss or co-worker. Whatever it is a powerful shift in how you relate to any of these things can occur by ending the war against and stepping into being a stand for.

When the conversation for change can be rooted in a place of being a stand for something instead of against something, we create a much more powerful place for change to emerge and to be much more effective.

Would you like guidance in creating this shift internally inside of your organization? If so please connect with us.