Using LQ and Metrics for Greater Impact

Truly sustainable growth occurs when you have the right leadership with the right tools. This unique blend of insightful and relevant metrics as well as the Love Quotient Leadership approach is transformational.

Together we can:

  • Create a scalable foundation for growth
  • Identify key metrics and align your entire organization to maximize performance
  • Maximize your organization’s output through optimizing roles, responsibilities, and communication.
  • Integrate LQ into the fabric of your culture

Scaling Consulting Services

By combining experience in multiple sectors and markets with data-driven strategy, together we create a custom plan for you and put it into action. How do we create a system for rapid and continuous growth?

  • Begin with a comprehensive audit to create a scaling blueprint
  • Increase your LQ to strengthen your leadership and culture
  • Stay focused and on track through your customized framework and dashboard
  • Align your leadership team and organize their efforts for effective scaling

How do we do it?

  • Scalability Assessment
    By understanding how your business is and isn’t prepared for scaling and rapid growth we are able to create a blueprint that will meet you where you are and fuel a plan for where you want to be.
  • Quarterly Strategic Meetings
    Through these half or full-day events, I come together with you and your team to get aligned on a plan of action that will break past roadblocks and impact the change needed for a sustainable pace of growth.
  • Weekly Consulting Sessions
    Based on the custom needs of your organization and how quickly you want to reach your goals weekly consulting sessions are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Space is limited and by invitation only.