Building a real business…It is one thing to be an entrepreneur, and it’s quite another to build a real business.

To me a real business is one that is not dependent upon you to continue to grow and be profitable or that can be sold at a future point in time. If you are not actively moving to one of these points you really just have a job in a company that you might be 100% owner of.

Let’s use the analogy of a ship at sail on the ocean where you are the captain of this ship to represent your business in motion over a period of time.

Some captains are just looking for an amazing adventure that is fun and creates value for all on board but without a clear destination in mind.

Other captains are just trying to stay afloat, avoid storms and sinking.

Then there are captains who are very clear about why they have a ship and where they want to end up.

Additionally, in sailing if you are off by a few degrees when starting out, this can lead to thousands of miles off course later on.

As an entrepreneur you are investing 1000‘s of hours into your business or sailing as used in the analogy above. Where you end up has everything to do with being clear about where you want to end up and then taking clear actions to make sure you arrive at the right destination.

What kind of business are you building? Do you have a clearly charted course for where you want to end up? Do you know how to get there?

It all starts with right now. This isn’t something to wait on. Every action you take is either done in alignment with your end-result or out of alignment. Don’t wait until you are further downstream to figure out where you are headed and how to get there. In most cases it will be more costly to adjust later on. Plus, in general you will grow your revenues more quickly with all of your actions being in alignment with where you are headed.

Can I help you? How can I help you build a real company and guide your business into alignment?