Love in business? For some that might seem like oil and water however in this mini post I am going to show you how love may already be a part of your business and give you a greater context in which to see things you may already be doing as love in action in your business.

Do you love your customers? Do they love your product or service? This is a pretty common idea in business today and guess what it’s all about love!

Do you love what you do on a daily basis? Are you building a company where your team/employees love working for your business? Do you want your team/employees to love what they do on a daily basis? Again these are pretty common ideas for companies that want to create a great culture and guess what??? Love is the key word here.

Companies are made up of human beings (at least most are for now until AI and robotics shake things up). As human beings love is what we need to survive (as babies), thrive and grow as adults. Many people forget or don’t realize how important love is and actually how integrated it is to every aspect of life, including business.

The more we understand love and the reality of love the greater we can be as human beings and the more conscious businesses we can build.

Now that we have seen how love is already a popular business idea and may already be being used in your business lets expand the context of what love looks like in business.

I see that when we build a successful business, pay our team members on time, create a great culture, hit our goals, have a profitable business, build great relationships with those we do business with… that all of these things are actually love in action. It is a loving action to be successful. It is a loving action to make a profit. It is a loving action to make a product or service that makes a difference in the world.

Does this sound odd to you? Go ahead and try it on. I promise you when you expand your definition of what love in action looks like in a business it will powerfully impact your own life and it will be a powerful new context in which to grow a company.

So I’m curious….

What does love into action look like in your business?